Friday, December 28, 2012

Positive or Negative?

Many people complain that nothing good every happens to them in life.  They are cynical and sometimes even what might be described as "haters", spewing strong emotional negative opinions about things.  They don't understand why another person always seems to be upbeat, has it easy in life and always has great things happen to them.  These negative nellies would do well to learn and practice The Law of Attraction.  Whether  your state of mind is positive or negative becomes very important because whatever energy we put out is what we draw back to us.

So if you consistently find yourself on the short end of the stick in situations, review your life attitudes.  Do you see the wine glass half empty or half full? Such a simple difference in perception affects the Law of Attraction.  If you see the glass half empty, then you are pulling lack and scarcity into your life. If you see the glass half full, then you are pulling prosperity and abundance into your life.

Another baseline to check your energy attitude is review your FaceBook or other social media posts, or any place that you makes comments or post reviews on articles.  Are they uplifting posts?  Or are they negative, anger based posts.  This was a very revealing exercise for me.  I found that I fluxate between uplifting and negative and guess what?  So does my life fluxute -- What I put out the Law of Attraction returns.

So, as we go through life, be mindful of your energy attitude.  I have created a challenge for myself to not post or repost anything negative and to only post positive things for the next 30 days.  I should see some very wonderful changes in my life through the Law of Attraction.  Join me in this challenge and effect change in your own life.  Post comments to this post to let me know your progress.

Do you have something to share on this topic? Join my blog and post a comment! I look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Accountability - What does it mean?

Accountability is a buzz word these days but what exactly does it mean?  For me it means taking responsibility for one's actions and inactions.  But how could you be held accountable for an "inaction" which means you didn't do anything.  Ahhhh, good point.  Here is why.  You see, inaction is a choice that you make whether consciously or unconsciously, so in effect it too is an action.  So, a more clear definition of "accountability" would be: responsibility for all your choices.  This way, your choice to act, charge forward, or to stand down, turn away, etc. is your responsibility for which you are accountable.

Why would a person choose inaction over action?  People make this judgment call everyday numerous times a day.  Perhaps you drive up on an accident and you see people standing beside their cars looking at damage and talking on their cell phones.  You quickly assess whether the situation seems to be under control or whether assistance is needed.  From that assessment, you determine whether to act or inact.  You either stop to give aid, call for police, fire or ambulance as may be needed (take action), or you drive on by believing there is nothing you need to do (inaction).

Another instance might be that you learn bad news will be coming to a friend or family member.  You make a choice whether to rush ahead and deliver this information, warning your friend or family member, or you choose to withhold that information, telling yourself it is not your place to tell them.  If you tell your friend or family member, perhaps it gives them the opportunity to be prepared to face the news when it is officially delivered and they thank you.  Or perhaps your friend or family member is angered that you would be so hurtful to run tell them this news, lashing out at the messenger.  Then again, if you choose inaction and do not tell, perhaps life goes on and none is the wiser that you knew ahead of time.  Or perhaps your friend or family member finds out that you knew and becomes hurt and/or angry that you didn't tell them.  They feel betrayed that you knew something that would impact their lives and you did nothing.  Choice -- action or inaction.

But how far does accountability go for one's choices? Your accountability ends when the accountability of another begins.  I can best explain that with the following story from my own life.

All choices have consequences whether it is an action or inaction.  Many years ago, nearly 30 now, I worked in an office that assisted injured workers.  One worker was in dire financial straits in danger of losing his only vehicle that him and his wife and two small daughters depended on.  A settlement check was pending and this gentleman was hoping desperately that the monies would come that day.  I checked the mail and the check had not come.  The man went away feeling very, very dejected and defeated.  He fully expected his car to be repossessed that day.  I checked the mail again later that day and found that all the mail had not been sorted earlier and the check had arrived afterall.  I was so happy to have this news that I called the gentleman and told him (action).  He was overjoyed.  He came rushing back into the office and collected the monies and indicated he was on his way to rectify his car payment situation.  I felt so good about my action.  Had I not called him (inaction), it would have been the whole weekend before he knew and he likely would have been carless come Monday.

Imagine my great horror when I arrived to work on Monday and found out that the man died 6 hours after I had called him.  He was so overjoyed that he had gone to celebrate by drinking with a friend. In drunkeness, the driver missed a curve and catapulted down an incline and rammed a tree killing both the driver and passenger instantly. I felt horrible and second guessed myself for years and years telling myself that had I not  called him (inaction), that he would not have had cause to drink in celebration on a Friday night and he would still be alive.  But these many years later, I know that I am only accountable for MY choices.  I did the right thing in letting him know the money had come in.  His choices after that were his own responsibility.  It was his choice to celebrate by drinking.  Had I not called him, then he likely would have chosen to drink in despair.  Therefore, I have concluded that he was destined to die that day but the real issue was, would  it be on a joyous note or one of despair.  My action allowed it to be on a joyous note.

Regarding his great concern of financially providing for his family, it is a sad irony that through his death, his family was well financially provided for until his young daughters were grown.

So yes, I had accountability for my choices in the above situation but my responsibility for those choices ended when responsibility for his choices began.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

LemonGrass creates alkalinity of the body

In my study of aromatherapy /essential oils last night I found that LemonGrass creates alkalinity in the body and purportedly provokes cancer cells to "commit suicide". Today I bought LemonGrass essential oil and will be exploring how to incorporate it into my healing.  Below are a couple of links talking about the medicinal values of LemonGrass.

Osage Orange For cancer treatment

In doing energy work for someone I channeled "bodark" as a treatment for the situation. I was not familiar with this so I did research and learned this was a colloquial name for the Bois d'arc tree which bears a green brainlike fruit also known as the hedgeapple, horse apple, Osage Orange among others. The wood of the tree was used to make bows and comparable to the Yew tree for that purpose. In fact, the French name Bois d'arc means bow wood. Most articles indicated that the fruits most common value was as a pest repellent comparable to DEET only safer. The sticky white milk that oozes from wounds to the fruit makes it mostly unpalatable. However, I did find that when both a male and female tree are present, the fruits bear seeds much like pumpkin seeds and quite delicious but very laborious and unpleasant to harvest.

The trees were planted during WPA years for soil erosion and when planted closely together created an interlocking hedge and their wicked thorns make for a nice protective barrier.  With ample room these trees can grow to 50 feet. They grow in 38 states and are plentiful in my home area.

Then came the really exciting part which made it clear why I channeled such a thing. It is used for treating cancer! Now I have a lot of research to do. ;0)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WiseCraft 101 Class Forming in February 2013

Yesterways Order of WiseCraft will begin thier next hands-on/in-person WiseCraft Wicca 101 class on  Feb. 27, 2013 in Muskogee . This WiseCraft Wicca 101 class is a comprehensive year-and-a-day study program combining academic materials with Wiccan activities designed to help the Seeker/Dedicant student candidate become a fully functioning practitioner of WiseCraft, our version of eclectic Wicca. Classes will meet approximately every two weeks with a final class in approximately March of 2014. Students who complete this course will have the option to undergo an Initiation Ritual as a Solitary Priest/Priestess

There are fees associated with this class which helps with costs and expenses associated with materials, time and rent/utilities of the Yesterways covenstead. However, students will not be turned away based on inability to pay. Yesterways is a teaching organization and strives to work with seekers of all economic levels.

Our informational meeting will be held in late January or early February. Watch for details on time and location. At this meeting, all students will be required to fill out an application and submit to a background check and payment of a non-refundable $25.00 processing fee. Our high standards include a background check because we do not allow for felons/con artists to betray the trust of our students, with allegations/history etc, that cannot be validated with fact, and to insure the safety and well being of our students and membership is not jeopardized.

We will not dazzle you with unsubstantiated claims, or flashy titles, though we do possess titles, to show our level of training or function within Yesterways Order of WiseCraft. Also, even though amongst ourselves as one friend to another, we may use nicknames, we require student registration under their true legal name and likewise, introduce ourselves to students with our true legal name. We do enrollment and introductions using our mundane/legal names because it just makes sense to know with whom, one is associating and trusting. However, we will not 'OUT' our students and circle members who desire to remain discreet, for personal reasons.

NOTE: If you can't attend in person classes, contact us regarding mentored online classes.
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Purging -- Letting Go of Things

Somehow along the way in my life I became addicted to possessions. I have moved only a few times in my life with many years between them. And boy do I have STUFF!!! Frighteningly so. I have stuff I have had since I was 13 - I am now 53!

Today, while sifting and sorting, I found scraps of paper that my daughter wrote on or colored pictures on and yes they are adorable and everyone should keep a few things like that but ALL of them? Come on, can you say proud mom? Yes, I definitely was a proud mom. I wanted a child for years and was finally told that I couldn't have children without very costly infertility methods. I remember crying and feeling robbed and defeated. Then I did what I always do and shoved those raw feelings into the Freddy Flintstone closet of my mind and moved on.

A few years later, I became sick with "the flu" and didn't put it all together until clothing became too tight to wear. I was shocked that my scrawny frame was actually gaining weight, something I had not been able to do in my lifetime despite deliberate trying. So I was quite baffled. My cycles were very sporadic so even that wasn't a tell tale sign for me. It finally occurred to me to take a test and for the first time in 8 years of wishful thinking, I had a positive pregnancy test. I nearly passed out with excitement. I confirmed the pregnancy with the doctor and had a cinderella pregnancy. No problems whatsoever and 48 pounds later -- YES I gained my woman's body weight instead of remaining a skin and bones sickly little twig -- I gave birth to a 7 lb baby. She was my little princess and I spoiled her endlessly. Today she is a grown woman I am proud of and now a mother to her first child. What a blessing to have a grandson. But as I am pilfering through the moving spoils I find all these little mementos that are difficult to part with. So, I devised a plan, some I keep and some I give to her. Child related mementos aside, I have been finding that I am much more ready to part with things than I have been able to do in the past.

Definitely some things I will keep but there are many things I will not. For instance, I am finally ready to part with the 12 boxes of software research and training materials that I have kept from a job I no longer have, plus the software is no longer relevant to technology of today. Still for many years, because those boxes were a physical representation of a chapter of my life for which I was proud of my achievements, I couldn't make myself let them go. But now that I have decided to let them go, and other possessions similar in nature, things that no longer serve me in my current life, it is an exhilarating and freeing experience. A chore that I had dreaded so terribly was clearing out my prior home so that it could be sold and now that I am actually doing it, I am enjoying setting myself free of the burden of all those possessions. Who knew it would be such an uplifting and freeing experience. I am actually looking forward to going back! In no time at all, the house will be cleared out and then all I will have to do is clean.

Well, now, I must say that the whole cleaning thing is a totally different blog post. Sigh..... house cleaning isn't quite my thing BUT I will find a way to make it enjoyable because at the end of it all will be a "pot of gold" -- a house in saleable condition which means once it is sold, I will no longer have to struggle with paying a double mortgage. Purging is definitely good for the soul. Getting rid of stuff allows me to live smaller but at the same time allows me to live bigger and freer.

The New Year is Coming!

Yule is nearly here and the New Year is just around the corner. So many things bouncing around in my mind for 2013. There are classes I want to attend and classes I want to teach.

A friend has asked me to host an herbal workshop. Also, I have a WiseCraft 101 class in the works and will start that in February - dates to be announced. Some of it will be live instruction at my home and some of it will be in my online classrooms. So, for those who are interested in learning about a magickal path honoring the Goddess and Moon cycles, watch for details to come or check and my website.

I am also developing my Path of Power (PoP) classes which will be live and/or online and will launch sometime in spring of 2013. The first series will be on Energy Healing and will cover a variety of methods. 

Lots of details to work out but many good things are coming.

Blessings to everyone and very Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays. However you choose to celebrate the season, blessings to you and those you love.

Bright Blessings,
Rayven Michaels

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