Monday, March 11, 2013

Tarot and Psychic Work

Do Psychics use Tarot/Oracle Cards?

Although many Psychics often do use Tarot or Oracle cards in their work, not all do.  As with all things, this is the choice of each Psychic as to what tools they incorporate with their readings.  Some Psychics do purely Psychic readings, others may use pendulums, iChing, runes, or other divination systems other than cards.  For those who do use cards, the decks used by each Psychic may be different.  Additionally, a Psychic may also use different decks for different types of readings.

What is the difference between a Tarot Deck and an Oracle Deck?

When buying a deck of cards for the first time, you may see Tarot cards and Oracle cards in the same area wonder what is the difference.  Well, Tarot is a structured system that comes in decks of 78 cards which
Saturday, March 2, 2013

Running with the Good Guides

Once a person begins communication with Spirit Guides, one does need to make certain it is a "Good Guide".  Always remember that a Guide should be there to "GUIDE" you, NOT bully your or manipulate you.  If the guide you are interacting with seems to be all about what's in it for them, or urges you to do negative and inappropriate things,then by all means you need to break the communication with that particular spirit, because it is NOT a Spirit Guide, but rather a low level spirit entity.  Basically it is a poser attempting to prey on your naivety and hoping that it won't get busted.

What sort of warning signals should you look for? 

If the guide does a lot of ego stroking, be wary.  Examples of this would be any of the traditional relationship manipulations:

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