Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello after a long away - Journey back from illness

Wow! Has it really been August 2013 since I posted? Well, golly gee and shame on me! But I am back now. This winter has had me a bit kicked with a cold. First I ached all over, not nauseated or nasty iggies like that but just all around aching and a strong desire to lay still so it didn't hurt. Probably not the best plan since I am still struggling with the shoulder injury. Inactivity with the shoulder is a guaranteed set back on its progress and that means a painful push to get back on track. So, definitely don't want to go back there. Well, the achiness passed and then lo and behold, along came stuffed up ears but no cough. With a stuffed up nose, I had to breathe through my mouth and that unfortunately meant really dry parched tonsils the next morning which are actually beyond huge anyway. So, fast forward to get out of that stage we actually have coughing now, a dry cough. Ugh! But lots of coughing and a deep down feeling that my bronchials needed to purge but they were just too tight to be productive. Now that brings in SORE RIBS. Egads! Seems never ending. LOL  By now I sound like quite the whiner and I have to laugh at myself, that is, if laughing wasn't so painful to the ribs.

As a short aside, I actually did have a laughing spasm today that was debilitatingly painful but I couldn't help myself. I was literally in histeria with tears flowing. The kind of deep, shaking all over, toss the head back and throaty laugh that leaves your belly shaking and RIBS, and you can barely breathe, but you catch your breath and go at it again. You know the sort of laugh I mean? And contagious too because I had my British friend getting caught up in the giggles to spite himself. What was it all about? A GoDaddy commerical with Jean Claude Van Damme. Oh if you haven't seen it, then it is time that you should! Here's the subject video so you can see for yourself what all the fuss was about.

Now that I have that little mess out of the way, let's get to some serious conversation. So, as I gushed on about being so miserably ill for a while now, it had to cross your mind, "well I thought she was some sort of energy healer and all that, so what is she doing being all sickly if she can do healing?" That's a very good question and I discussed that very thing with my Earth Spirit Soul business partner Sol Ess. We pondered why is it that healers will do great wonders for others and then fail so miserably for themselves. He and I came up with a few ideas. First off, it comes natural to do healing on other people and we give it our all. We both agreed that it was instinctual. However, for whatever the reason, he was the same as I was in admitting that when we feel sick ourselves, we don't even think of doing the healing on ourselves. Now how crazy is that? It was quite a realization really. I have to wonder if it is because as we feel bad, we get caught up in feeling bad and just sort of loose touch with things. I know as a young teen and early 20s and later as a young mother, I simply didn't tolerate illness. I had the attitude that I just didn't have time for it. And I truly didn't have time to be ill and I pushed through any illness with minimal effect. Somehow, I beat it down in such early stages that I barely could recognize that it had been upon me. So, why would it be different for me now? Well, I figure age plays some part in it. I am guessing that as I have aged and entered menopause that my immunity system has slowed down considerably. It reminds me of ages 6 to 8 when I moved from one state to another and was suddenly besieged by every possible childhood illness practically back to back. After that, my immunity system was so strong that as a grown woman, it took 8 years for me to become pregnant. After a series of tests, they determined my immune system was attacking and stopping fertilization. Bizarre. And now it feels like here I am in a second child hood getting slammed with all this illness back to back again. Ugh! Not liking that at all, not one bit.

Anyway, after the talk with Sol today, I vowed to break out my fierce attitude and declare war on my illness and let it know that it isn't welcome in my body anymore. It's reign of terror is over. I will be running energy on myself and treating me like any other client and breaking out all the big guns on healing. Let's see how quickly this dissipates after me struggling with it these past several weeks.

I sincerely hope the New Year is finding every one happy and healthy.

Bright Blessings to All,
Rayven Michaels

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