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As a psychic I use the skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to assist with answers to a reader's questions. This can also involve the use of tools such as a pendulum or oracle cards. It is my utmost goal to communicate with compassion and integrity. I feel honored when people allow and trust me enough to aid them in their personal adventures.

When performing energy healings, I use my intuitive skills to interpret energy and feelings.  During three years living in New Orleans, I studied ancient pagan arts with CPWC and focused on deepening my intuitive skills. I am first level Reiki and have also explored the Incan Shaman Traditions. I utilize studies from many disciplines to enhance my communication, knowledge and healing. 

After relocating to Muskogee in my native state of Oklahoma, the next step of my journey was to serve the public. Therefore, after being a private psychic for many years, I began offering my services to the public in 2012.  I have also taught classes on ancient pagan arts and will be forming new classes soon.


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