Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Book "Bristow Spirits on Route 66" is now available in Amazon Kindle format!

My book Bristow Spirits on Route 66 is now available in Amazon Kindle format!

In 2009 I sat down and decided to type up all my ghost experiences and compiled them into a book.
Here is the blurb describing the book:

Every town has its share of ghost stories. This book is a collection of the author's favorite eye witness accounts and personally related tales of spirits on Route 66 in and around Bristow, Oklahoma.
Story topics include:
  • A lone cowboy walking eternity away at the stockyards
  • Spirit guardian at the Frisco Depot 
  • Haunted help at a gift shop
  • Ghost with a penchant for cleanliness
  • Vaporous attendant at gas station ruins
  • Sorrowful siren
  • Woman astral projects to give comfort
  • In time of need, one woman's voice speaks through another
  • A match made in heaven - my personal story in the Forward about the Angel that helped me meet my husband

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