Thursday, April 18, 2013

Featured in Lords of Stroud Documentary

In addition to being a Psychic, Energy Healer etc., as with many people, my interests are wide and varied.  Tonight, I was digging around on YouTube and low and behold, I found the documentary video called Lords of Stroud which featured a gaming group that I participated in.  It was quite fun run across this again and to remember the good old days.

I am the Mage with the wild black hair wearing a leather vest and carrying a staff.  This event was very loosely scripted and flowed according to the choices made by the children (one of which is my daughter by the way).  When the children got to me, I would either be their ally if they were friendly and help them seek the beast, or if they were hostile, then I would be a formidable enemy.  They chose to call me friend and I assisted them in finding the beast they sought.

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