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Running with the Good Guides

Once a person begins communication with Spirit Guides, one does need to make certain it is a "Good Guide".  Always remember that a Guide should be there to "GUIDE" you, NOT bully your or manipulate you.  If the guide you are interacting with seems to be all about what's in it for them, or urges you to do negative and inappropriate things,then by all means you need to break the communication with that particular spirit, because it is NOT a Spirit Guide, but rather a low level spirit entity.  Basically it is a poser attempting to prey on your naivety and hoping that it won't get busted.

What sort of warning signals should you look for? 

If the guide does a lot of ego stroking, be wary.  Examples of this would be any of the traditional relationship manipulations:

  • telling you that you are super special and the only one they have ever been with....
  • trying to get you to sever ties with friends and family because they don't understand you the way that guide does
  • weird things happening to you that your "guide" then rescues you from
  • pandering to your ego by telling you how great you are and that you are better than everyone else etc.
  • asking you to do its bidding, such as writing, tasting things, inhabiting you "for a short time to experience [insert request]
  • urges you to do mean or inappropriate things
While it may be delightful to think you are superbly special and it can strike a cord of truth that your friends and family don't understand you, don't allow yourself to get ensnared by a lesser spirit posing as a Guide.  Asking to use your body for their own purposes is just not cool.  The bottom line is if the guide is manipulating you, requesting voluntary possession, trying to isolate you from other people, encouraging you to do wrong things and generally not being a positive influence in your life and not GUIDING you, then it is an entity trying to pose as a spirit guide and you need to CUT TIES with it. 

So how do we recognize the Good Guides?

Spirit Guide will.....GUIDE you. They will be supportive and helpful.  When you need information, they will help you find it.  When there is something you need to see or a perspective that will be helpful to you, they make certain you get access to it and then....they allow you the FREE WILL to process the information and do as you will with it.  Here are some things connected to a Good Guide:
  • GUIDES you on issues as opposed to mandating actions that you must take
  • Allows you to make your own decisions 
  • Will NOT take over or otherwise control your life
  • Will NOT try to isolate you from other people -- a Spirit Guide may give you insight regarding unhealthy relationships BUT the choice will always be yours what people are included in your life
What kind of Spirit Guides are there?

We have Spirit Guides for different reasons and different seasons of our life.  If we are going through a particularly difficult time in our life, we may have a Spirit Guide that comes to us to get us over that hump.  Here are explanations of a few different types of Spirit Guides:
  • Master Teacher or Common Spirit Guide -- this type of Spirit Guide is one that helps you along a particular path and could be with you for an extended period of time.  These Guides appear to us in a form befitting their purpose.  Some common forms are warrior, story teller, or wise woman.  They remain with you until their purpose has been achieved and then they move on.  They often introduce us to other Guides that help along the way, or pick up where another Guide left off.
  • Ascended Masters -- you will hear this term a lot.  Many people like to proudly announce that they have a BIG NAME ascended master Spirit Guide.  Ascended Masters are individuals that led a physical life and has moved to a higher plane after death and has chosen to teach others back in the physical world.  While it is true that some famous examples of these are Buddah, Jesus, and Khrisna, you could just as well have a lesser known or even an unknown Ascended Master.  Also, as teachers, Ascended Masters have many students, so you would not be their only charge.  Just remember, having an Ascended Master is all about the teachings and lessons you are to receive and not about name dropping BIG NAME Ascended Master is your teacher. More succinctly, it isn't so much about WHO they are as WHAT they TEACH YOU.
  • Ancestral Guides -- sometimes we have relatives that have passed over that choose to stay with us to help us.  In my humble opinion, the quality of this type of Guide is entirely dependent on the relationship that you had with that person while living.  It is my feeling that this type of Ancestral Guide occurs because there is a need to stay connected either by your or your loved one and it serves as companionship.  Sometimes they remain with us for the duration of our lifetime and sometimes it is only during our season of grief or until we grow the strength to let go.  Ancestral Guides can also be anyone from our distant ancestry that has a blood tie to our family.  Therefore, Ancestral Guides can be someone that you never knew in your lifetime but of which you are a descendant.  This type of Ancestral Guide would come to you to help you with something that they see being repeated in your lifetime that they have wisdom of.  It could be life circumstances, financial ruin, relationship problems, emotional issues, etc. or it could be that you have latent gifts, such as psychic abilities or other gifts, that this person also had and can help you develop.  
  • Animal Guides -- there are many theories regarding animal guides.  Some claim they are nothing more than companions, others claim they are guardians and protectors, and others still claim that they are teachers with lessons.  I generally think of animal guides as beings that have skill sets that we need to draw on in our own lives and these animal guides or power animals come to us to aid us with developing these skillsets in our lives.  And besides, what great fun to have a pet that you don't have to clean up after, right?  I have several Animal Guides that provide me with continual companionship.  One of them as you may have guessed is the Raven and its relation the Crow.  When I needed to be reminded of Crow medicine, Crows appear in my life either in physical form or by voice.  The Raven mostly visits me in my inner mind and to be truthful I don't know if I have ever actually seen a Raven in real life.  Perhaps that is a goal I should set. ;0)  The Hawk also often visits me in physical form.  Oddly enough, the Hawk is a sign of my Father for me so I take comfort in those signs that he is close.  Again, Animal Guides, like the other guides referenced above, can come and go as may be needed in your life.

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