Friday, February 22, 2013

Living a "Guided" Life

It is true that part of being a Psychic or Medium is communicating with Spirit Guides.  However, the great news is ANYONE can communicate with Spirit Guides and even better we ALL have our own personal Spirit Guides that stand at the ready to be of service to us .  People often say their Spirit Guides don't talk to them but that isn't true.  It is more a matter of knowing how to recognize when they are talking to you.

So how do we establish communication with our Spirit Guides and live a "Guided" life?
  • First of all, pay attention to your dreams.  Before we incarnated, we had a team of Guides that were in place to support us on this Earth journey.  Knowing that we communicate on the spiritual level but become denser and less capable of communicating with spiritual beings once we came to Earth and in fact, forget completely about them, a safety mechanism was built into us to insure constant access -- dreams!  When we dream, our brain functions differently and it is during this time that our Spirit Guides are able to "talk" to us.  Our Spirit Guides help us work things out during our dream times.  This is a very effective way for them to communicate with us because it is pictorial and as we know, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Even before we learn to recognize communication with our Spirit Guides, they interact with us during our waking hours also by sending us thoughts.  Many is the time that we suddenly have an "epiphany" and find ourselves saying, "I don't know why I never thought of this before" or "It just hit me out of the blue."  Our Spirit Guides sole purpose is to provide guidance.
  • But because of we are entitled to exercise "free will", our Spirit Guides must have our invitation to interact with us.  This explains why our dreams and epiphanies can be sporadic -- our Spirit Guides can only help us when we enter a receptive frame of mind.  The more receptive we become to interacting with them, the more they will interact with us.
How do I become more receptive to interaction with my Spirit Guides?
  • Invite them into your life.  Literally talk to them and tell them that you want to establish a strong relationship and awareness of their presence.  Then talk to them daily, all the time about everything.  In short, revert to your child hood and act as though you have an imaginary friend or several.  By regularly talking to your Spirit Guides, you will establish and build a link to them that gets stronger and stronger with time.  Eventually you will readily know that they are there.  I find the best time for me to do this is when I am driving to and from work.  I have an hour long commute one way so that gives me two hours a day to talk to my Spirit Guides.  People assume that I'm singing with the radio or talking on hands free cellphone.  It is a great bonding time with my Spirit Guides.  Many is the time I have asked them to help with saving me a parking spot when I am running a bit behind.  They have come through for me every time.
  • As I mentioned above, when we incarnate on this Earth journey, we become dense and have a lower vibration than our Spirit Guides.  Raising our vibration can help strengthen our connection to our Spirit Guides.  One way to do this is to be positive and eliminate negativity in your life.  This sounds simple but can be quite a challenge.  Being negative is almost a reflex in the Earthly world that we live in -- get cut off in traffic?  It is highly unlikely that most of us will say "Blessings to you".  It is much more likely that we will instinctively rant "@#$# buddy!"  These are the types of things we want to weed out.  I have found it especially helpful to do daily affirmations.  Surround yourself with positive affirmations so that you see them at all times.
  • Another way to connect with our Spirit Guides is through meditation.  Many people live such a fast tracked life, we have forgotten how to take a few minutes to ourselves.  Ideally, one should meditate at the same time of day for at least 10 to 30 minutes.  I personally find it helpful to have a special place that I always use to meditate and to use a special incense.  This shifts my awareness.  If you can't use or don't like incense, wear or spray a special fragrance that you use only during this time.  Rose oil is known for its ability to assist in raising vibrations.  When meditating, ask your Spirit Guide to step in close to you so that you may feel their presence.  Because their vibration is much higher than ours, you should feel some sort of difference as their energy field mingles with yours.  Ask your Spirit Guide to step away.  Repeat this come close and step away procedure many times until you determine a definite difference between the two.  Don't worry if you don't make progress the first couple of times you try this.  You are building your awareness to detect your Spirit Guides.  It will just take practice and you will get the hang of it.  It is different for everyone.  Some feel giddy, others feel a "presence" or denseness surrounding them, some get tingly hands, others queasy stomach, others get light headed or dizzy. Pay very close attention to your body when you do this exercise so that you can determine the signal of when your Spirit Guides are close to you.
Put yourself through these paces with consistency and you will get results.  In Part 2 of Living a "Guided" Life, I will talk about getting to know your Spirit Guide.

Until next time,
Blessings, Love and Light
Rayven Michaels

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