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Meet Your Spirit Guide

I get a lot of messages and questions from frustrated folks that try so hard to meet their Guides and don't ever get validation that their Guide(s) are there.  So, here is a different approach you may find helpful.  You are going to make up a Guide and then treat this Guide as though it were really there. An "imaginary friend" if you will.  Hang with me and hear me through.  The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to have a sense of control and something to identify with instead of just hanging wondering what you should expect.  Also, your Guides will actually be helping you with this exercise so you will be co-creating a form to assist in building a functional link you to your Guide.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to be very clear with your intent. It is not our intent in this exercise to create a "thought form" which in simple terms is a manifestation of energy created to serve a particular task.  Instead,
we are merely creating an "outfit" for our Guide so that we have a frame of reference when interacting with our Guide.  A description if you will, just as though we were trying to find someone we didn't know in a mall and were given information on what they looked like so we could recognize them. Therefore, you will want to say aloud, write it down in your journal or say in your mind, "I wish to get to know my Spirit Guide.  To help me to do this, I am going to create a shape/form to envision when communicating with you so that I don't feel like I am talking to empty air.  I invite my Guide to please participate in this process as a co-creator of this form even though I am unable yet to sense you are there."  You don't have to use those exact words but do be sure whatever words you use are to similar effect.

Human, Vegetable, Mineral, Animal, Creature or Abstract?

This question might sound funny but the first step is to decide what type of form you want your Guide to have.  Guides come in many forms for different people.  People are often most naturally comfortable interacting with a human form or animal so Guides will often appear this way for the comfort of their charge.  However, I have known people who had dragons, extraterrestrials, fairies or a ball of light.  In this situation, you are in charge so you get to decide the appearance of your Guide.  Is your Guide male or female? Tall or short? A warrior, witch, shaman, fairy, dog, cat, purple ball of light? Or perhaps a beautiful giant tree?

You don't want to get bogged down with constantly changing the form of your Guide, so spend time thinking on this so that you create the perfect vision of what you want to interact with as the form of your Guide.  As you contemplate the various physical aspects, go with what feels right to you. Don't worry, your Guide will honor whatever you choose.

Peter, Rose or Sherry -- What shall you call your Guide?

Now that you have created an appearance/description for your Spirit Guide, it is time to choose a name.  Although Guides have their own names, unless or until you are able to know that information directly from them, they will answer to anything you choose to call them.  Consider it giving them a nickname.  It can be an ordinary name or an exotic one.  It can be the name of a hero of yours or a character from a book or out of history.  Perhaps there is a name just happen to like -- go for it.  The name you choose can be a full name, a single first name only. Maybe you prefer a title such as Dr. or Lord or Lady.  The possibilities are unlimited here. Your Guide really doesn't mind answering to whatever name you choose.

Appearance and Name, Check. Time to Communicate!

Now that you have decided on an appearance for your Guide and given him or her a name, it is time to start communicating with them.  You may find it a bit awkward at first but talk to your Guide all the time as though you were talking to an imaginary friend.

Working With Your Guide

Work with your Guide by asking them questions, then wait a few moments and see what comes to mind.  Write down whatever you get.  For instance, if you ask them to send you a color, what do you get?  A flash of color? A cartoon character or object that is predominantly one color?  Or does a word naming the color suddenly come to mind?  Perhaps a favorite article of clothing. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong.  Record you sessions in a journal so you can watch for patterns in the way your Guide communicates with you.  This will let you see whether it is always pictures, or just sudden thoughts.  Or maybe, depending on the questions you ask, you will start seeing patterns of things, like the same symbols showing up over and over.

Once you get more confident in knowing that you actually are connecting with your Guide, you will want to think about what sort of things you want to learn from them.  I will cover that more in the next post.

I hope you find this article helpful and it helps you move along in your communication with your Spirit Guides.

Bright Blessings,
Rayven Michaels

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