Saturday, February 9, 2013

BOS Backup -- use Dropbox!

Creating a Book of Shadows (BOS) is a lot of hard work.  Although I do love to do my BOS by hand, I also have a lot of electronic files that I have created.  I can't think of anything more horrific than having a computer crash and losing all my hard work. After having that happen to me once, I was determined to never have that happen to me again.  My solution? Dropbox!  I love this program! I don't know what I would do without it. It works in two wonderful ways.  If you download Dropbox on your computer, it will sync the files in your local Dropbox folder with your online Dropbox account!  How awesome is that?  Also,  I am always only one click away from my files -- no waiting until I get home. If I have internet access, I can get to my files on computer, phone or tablet. SWEET! If you don't have a Dropbox, you are missing out.

Click this link to get yours today.

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