Friday, January 4, 2013

Letting go of dreams....

Yes, I actually said that - letting go of dreams.  And that is exactly what I meant to say.  I know we talk a lot about hanging on to our dreams and bringing them to life.  But what happens when one of those little dream buds just doesn't blossom?  I have a couple of those dreams that came to half fruition and now they sit stagnant, reminders that I have a thing half done hanging out there.  It is a ball of energy that has become heavy to hold onto and pointless to do so because I know with certainty that those dreams no longer fit in the life that I have.  So, yes, the time has come for me to set those dreams free from my reality.  I need to purge the related properties, the websites, the research files, the class materials where I attended business management... ALL of that stuff.  And the biggest one.... sell the houses.  I have two houses to sell, maybe three.  By now you may be thinking... "WHAT?  Three houses to sell?  Are you mad?  I don't even have one!"  Well, I hate to tell you but I actually have SIX and I only live in one of them, and only one of the remaining five is rented and productive.  It's a very long story as to the whys of how this came about but the bottom line is, I have to face that the purpose for the houses did not come to fruition and it isn't going to.  So, why have I been so reluctant to do anything about it.  I thought long and hard about that and when it finally hit me, it was really very simple.  It came down to one word - "failure".  I could not find it in me to face failure, and truthfully, I still cannot find it in me to accept failure.  So, I reframed my thinking because I can't just keep hanging fire with four unproductive houses.  Something has to give.  My house venture is not a failure. It was a learning experience and adventure.  I had a goal when I started and the goal moved. Since that journey began, I have adjusted my vision for my future and opted out of the material world and find it now much more important to downsize, maintain minimal debt, own more of my time, work less and live more.

So, I let go of those half-realized dreams and set them free to go to where-ever half-realized dreams go when they are no longer tethered to a life.  I am on a different path now living new dreams.  I have no regrets.  But I do have lots of work ahead of me to sell my houses. ;0)

Rayven Michaels


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