Thursday, November 8, 2012

Green Goddess Creations - Blue Pendant for Nov. 24th Craft Fair

I will be exhibiting my jewelry (or should I say vending since it will be for sale?...) at the 2nd Annual Native American Christmas Market in Sapulpa, Oklahoma on Nov. 24, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I will be vending under the name Green Goddess Creations. I chose that name because the underlying theme for my jewelry is to be "green" in that I recycle and repurpose objects wherever I can and I want to incorporate items from nature when possible.  Hopefully everyone has forgotten there was once a salad dressing called Green Goddess.  I wonder if it is still out there?...

My recent creations have all been wire wrapped recycled glass. Tonight, I made a blue pendant with spirals using two colors of wire.  Turned out rather nicely I think.  Crafting jewelry is so relaxing and stimulates my creative urges. 

I am working hard to get enough creations made for the show.  As I sit here looking around for objects to craft into new pieces, I am whirling possibilities about recycling pop cans and using river rocks and pecan branches from a deadfall limb that dropped in my yard -- not necessarily all of them together, but you never know. The mind is churning as off I go to begin dabbling and conspiring.

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